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          The Y2K Lamdre


In year 2000, as we all look forward to the new millennium with much anxiety as well as anticipation, one thing to really look forward to the bestowal Lamdre Lobshey teachings in Vancouver BC by His Holiness Sakya Trizin.. The teachings will be held at the Sakya Tsechen Thupten Ling or STTL. Please contact the Center there for further information about the Lamdre. If any special advice or information is sought you can also email us. We will reply to your query as soon as possible.

Lamdre Lobshey

( The Uncommon Lamdre Teachings )

(1 July - 15 August 2000 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

The Lamdre is "the jewel essence" of the Sakya tradition. The teaching is both a theoretical and practical explanation of the entire Buddhist path, both the sutra and the tantra from the beginning stages to the fruit of perfect enlightenment. There are two forms of Lamdre: the more common form known as Lamdre Tsogshey and the esoteric uncommon form known as Lamdre Lobshey. His Holiness will bestow the rarely offered Lamdre Lobshey. It is an extremely precious teaching-profound, vast and elaborate.

The Lamdre Lobshey teaching consists of two parts: the Triple Vision and the Triple Tantra. The Triple Vision explains the difference in the perception or vision of phenomena at different spiritual stages. The Triple Tantra explains the difference in the mind of the perceiver of phenomena at different spiritual stages.

For this cycle of Lamdre teachings, His Holiness Sakya Trizin will lead the morning session and Ratna Vajra Rinpoche will lead the afternoon meditation practices and will further explain the teachings.


Students are required to commit to the full 6 weeks teaching cycle. A detailed teaching schedule will be made available to students at the commencement of the teaching. The teaching will also be translated into mandarin.


(1st to 28th July ) Asian Centre Auditorium, University of British Columbia

(29th July to 15th August) Totem Park Ballroom, University of British Columbia


Programme Fee:- C$1,500 or US$1,000* (not including accommodation or meals)

(Discounted program fee for early payments of full fee by  31st March, 2000: CS $1,300, US$ 850 )

Deposit :- Due by 1 December, 1999: C$300 or US$200 ( not refundable after 31 March, 2000)

Balance :- C$1,200 or US$800 (to be received by 1 June, 2000)

Discounted Balance Payment: - C$1,000 or US$650 (to be received by 31 March, 2000)

Program fees will pay for airfare and living expenses for His Holiness Sakya Trizin and attending lamas, hall rental, shrine and throne set up, transportation and other event related expenses.


On-campus accommodation is available through the UBC Conference Center. At Totem Park residence, single and twin dormitory style rooms are available at C$25/night**. It includes a television lounge, pay phones, shared washroom, linen and breakfast. Cooking facilities are not available and towels and soap are not supplied. At the Walter Gage residence, suites with six single rooms featuring a dresser, desk and single bed open unto a common lounge and kitchenette (utensils not provided) are available at C$35/night**. Rooms are not equipped with phones or televisions, and no breakfast is provided. More luxurious accommodation such as studio apartment suites are also available.

As the teachings start on 1 July, 2000, out of town students should ensure that they arrive by 30 June to be in time for the teaching. Check-in time is 2:00PM, check-out time is 11:00AM.

It is important to book your accommodation early. UBC hosts many conferences and rooms get booked quickly. Be sure to mention that you are attending Lamdre by STTL, as some accommodations have been reserved for participants. The rooms will be held until 30 May, 2000, after which all unreserved room will be released. (** plus 15% taxes. Also, these are 1999 rates which may be subject to increase in year 2000.)


There are many food outlets located throughout UBC, which are reasonably priced and some are opened to 7: 00 PM.


For more information and registration, please contact STTL.