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         Sakya Nunnery


A Project for Sakya Nuns:-

The Sakya Nunnery is an important project of the Sakya Center. Although, many monasteries have been built since the Tibetan exodus into India, nunneries have been seldom constructed.

Seeing the need, land was donated by Ngor Ewam Institute at the Dekyi Ling Tibetan Colony near Rajpur. Construction is under way and part of the project has been completed which enabled approximately eighty nuns to move to this new premise from their earlier accommodation.

Most of these nuns had been living in rented quarters for the past few years. Although part of the nunnery has been completed a major part still remains to be built. The construction of the dormitories, classrooms, kitchen was stalled due to lack of funds for the project, however, some dormitory rooms, some classrooms, the kitchen and dining hall are now complete.  As construction has progressed the nuns have moved in and begun their studies, though with so much remaining to be built, the current buildings each serve multiple functions.  The dining hall is being used both for meals and also as their gompa (temple) as there are not yet adequate resources to build the Gompa.

More and more nuns have come from Tibet and all over India. Now the present population of the nunnery is over hundred and twenty, and intake has been restricted until facilities can be further developed.

The completion of the nunnery remains stalled due to the lack of funds. Any generous contribution towards this project is most welcome and may be directed to the Director, Sakya Center, 187 Rajpur Road, Dehradun, U. P. India.


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