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Sakya ICQ and E-mail Guide contains the ICQ number or E-mail addresses and respective interests and information about the students of His Holiness Sakya Trizin or people with general interest in Dharma and Tibetans who wish to interact with other students or people and exchange their viewpoints or pool their resources or knowledge to facilitate their religious study and practice.

Name                        Lama Tsewang

E-mail Address

ICQ No.                     21434009

Message                   None


Name                        Karma Thinley

E-mail Address

ICQ No.                   36189566

Message                Westerner studying Tibetan, wish to talk & write messages  in Tibetan. Want to know more

                                  about Tibetans.


Name                        Jangchub Lhamo

E-mail Address

Message                  I'm not Tibetan. But if you wish to know more about them,  their culture and language write.


Name                        Armin Zollikofer & Hanni Küpfer

E-mail Address

Message                  In Switzerland.


Name                        Kenneth Lim 

E-mail Address

ICQ No.                    20312926

Message                  Student of His Holiness since 1988. Have a center in Penang Sakya Lhundrup Cho Ling.


Name                        William Meeker  

E-mail Address

Message                 Webmaster for Sakya Phunstok Ling web site  at  


Name                      Martyn Samuel

E-mail Address

Message                Student of His Holiness since 1987. Author of another website on H H. 

                                Secretary of Sakya Namgyal Ling Exeter, UK.


Name                        Rogel Samuel

E-mail Address

Message                  See photos and information in Portugese at