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Center Projects

Modern Education:-

The Sakya Center has endeavored to provide modern education to students along with the traditional studies of the monastic life. While the current education system is of a monastic type with emphasis laid mainly on religious and spiritual training, it has been felt that students at the Center should also have a formal modern education up to the senior secondary school level. Currently some basic modern education is provided, however, this project would see the curriculum expanded.

This education would prepare the monks with the ability to face many challenges and an ever-changing environment. Knowledge of foreign languages would prove to be useful in communicating with our visitors from India and abroad. It would also help in dissemination of Buddhist teachings and translations.

It is entirely up to the individual whether one continues being a monk or not.  For those monks  who have later chosen to live as a lay person it has sometimes involved unnecessary hardship due to receiving a limited modem education.

At present, the monastery provides basic education in English, Mathematics and Hindi. The administration wishes to introduce in its curriculum other important educational courses and vocations such as computer education, and printing and translation of texts, which could help greatly to expand the knowledge and capability of Dharma students. The reprinting and translation of religious texts is an area of growing need as the monumental spread of Dharma brings in many new students from India and foreign countries. If these plans materialize, students from the local and Tibetan population will also be welcome to enroll into these courses.


Translation Center

A translation center is another project that the Sakya Center envisages for the future. With growing interest in Tibetan Buddhism globally and the increase in the number of foreign students of His Holiness and many other Sakyapa masters, it is imperative that translated texts and commentaries are made available to them. For this a dedicated team of intellectuals who are well versed, not only in different languages, but also in the Buddhist texts and philosophy is needed. So to achieve such a state where translated scripts for the benefit of all the people from different countries is available, the Center wishes to set up a translation center. The monks would be not only taught different languages, but also the art of translation, which would then also benefit the visiting high lamas of the Sakyapa Order in conveying their teachings easily and clearly. The availability of more translated material will also cater to the needs of scholars and research student who often face problems due to lack of reference materials.