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        Sakya  Center

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The Curriculum :-

The Sakya Center is a monastic institute and its course of study is based on the traditional monastic educational system of monasteries in Tibet. However, with awareness about the ever-changing world and the importance of a modern education, additional courses of English, Mathematics and Hindi are also provided.

The first semester of an academic year starts from the beginning of the fifth lunar month of the Tibetan Lunar calendar. This leads straight into the second semester which starts in the beginning of tenth lunar month. The students' holidays commence on the fifteenth of the third lunar month every year and are for one and a half months. The curriculum of study and practice include:-

Classes I - III         Daily prayers, Praises to Lord Buddha,

                             The Sixteen Arhat Ritual,

                              Praises to the Six Ornaments and the Two Excellencies,

                              Praises to Master Birwapa and the Five Sakya Masters,

                              The Tara Ritual and Monlam


Class IV                 The Mahavairocana Ritual


Class V                    The Mahakala Puja


Class VI                  Vajrakilaya Puja


Class VII                 Chant-mastering for Annual Vajrakilaya Drubchoe


Class VIII                Ritual music, making of ornamental offering cakes,

                                drawing of sand Mandalas, retreat of Vajrapani,

                                retreat of Bhutadamara and retreat of other deities.


After the completion of this curriculum, the students can either join Sakya College or the Sakya Thubten Namgyal Ling Institute in order to pursue their study of Higher Buddhist Philosophy.