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The Annual Drubchoes (Grand Rituals) And Pujas:-

 VAJRAKILAYA DRUBCHOE :- This is held every year from the eleventh day of the seventh lunar month for eleven consecutive days. During this Drubchoe the monks' examination consists of leading the Vajrakilaya Drubchoe as chant-master without the aid of any scriptures.

HEVAJRA DRUBCHOE:- This is also an annual Drubchoe and is held for eight days from the thirteenth day of the ninth lunar month. As with all the Drubchoes, elaborate sand mandalas and offerings are prepared by the monks of the Center.

MAHAVAIROCANA  DRUBCHOE :- This is held every year from the eleventh day of the fourth lunar month for five consecutive days. During this Drubchoe, Changchoks (purifying rituals for the deceased) are offered for all the people who have passed away.

VAJRAYOGINI DRUBCHOE:- This is also held annually, from the eighth day of first lunar month, for three days.

GU-TOR :- This is another annual feature held at the end of the year.  It is held from the twenty third day of the last lunar month for seven consecutive days. Ritual dances are also performed on this occasion. The Gu-tor is usually performed with the main deity as Vajrakilaya.

DHAMTSlG KANGSO:- This special annual Puja is a unique feature of Sakya Monastery in Tibet. It is held every alternate year at the end of the lunar year. The Puja usually lasts for seven consecutive days .

DHUS-TOR OR MAHAKALA DAY:- This is held every month for five consecutive days from the twenty-sixth day of the lunar month. An elaborate Mahakala Puja is held on these days.

The above Drubchoes and pujas are usually performed with His Holiness as the Vajra-master.  His Holiness has been very particular not to miss these pujas, except on occasions when he is out of Rajpur. Apart from these Drubchoes, Tara Ritual and Mahakala Puja are held every day of the year. Rituals and recitation of scriptures are performed when requested by sponsors, either at the Sakya Center or at the residence of the sponsors if possible.